One of the easiest ways by far to build a following online is by content marketing, which can also be used to market your services and products and help to answer questions and give support to your customers.  So many people fail at online marketing though, because they don’t get the basics right.    Failing to get the basics right can cost you time, effort and money.

If you are struggling to get things off the ground, this post is for you as we look at a few very simple tips that work extremely well.

Over Deliver-Not Under Promise

It is much better to over deliver and under promise.  It is silly to try and overstretch yourself to produce too much content than you can.  There is after all, only so much you can do.  Rather than setting up a rod for your own back, look at and organise a schedule that could work for you and test it out.  If that doesn’t work, change it and try and different schedule.

Always Give Original Content

Although it is good to get inspiration and ideas from existing content, you should never copy it.  The whole point of doing it is to stand out and give a lasting impression – keep that in mind.

Be Consistent And Authoritative With Your Content

When looking for the information you want to use for your site, find the industry or niche that you are most knowledgeable about or are comfortable and confident writing and creating content about and stick to it.  Concentrate fully on one topic and work really hard at it and own it.  The idea is to become the authority voice on it and go-to – the leader in your chosen field.  This should be your main goal when building your online business and by doing it.