The online business world changes rapidly and as an entrepreneur you need to stay up to date with the latest in order to stay relevant.  Attending conferences and events are some of the best ways to perfectly blend meeting new people and work.  Sometimes though, it can be something even more special – life changing even.

When people attend the Tropical Think Tank the phrase we hear from them most often after the event is life-changing.

The event has been held for the last 2 years and will be held again during March 2016.  As an encouragement for you to consider attending this event, both this post and the following post will offer insight into some of the reasons why the event could be the cornerstone of your journey as an entrepreneur.

Promotion and Selling Yourself

As you are now mingling with the right people, people like you, it is now the perfect time to promote and share what you yourself and that your business can offer.  Get your business cards out and start to network.  By meeting people in person and explaining things to them face to face you can give a better, more lasting first impression to them for the purpose of possible collaborations in the future.

Get Instant Feedback

Yet another advantage of attending actual events is it gives you the chance to share what you are working with right now with other people in the industry.  This can be a good chance to meet up with like-minded people if you work from home and don’t work in a professional environment  By speaking to other people, you can have their perspective on things.  You can bounce ideas off other people, particularly those who know the ins and outs of your industry and who have experience and can recommend actions to you based on these to help you refine your approach and your actual ideas.  This is helpful if you have an important launch coming up and want to make the best impression possible with it.

Lately there has been more opportunities to develop strong and more productive connections on the internet through various social media networks.  However, as convenient and direct as Twitter or Facebook are, there is no substitute for meeting your business contacts face to face to help improve and strengthen these kinds of relationships.