There is a huge myth when it comes to outsourcing task to virtual staff and that is that you only need one employee to do everything.  This is often referred to as the Super VA Myth and it is something that is not possible.  It is not possible in the real or virtual worlds.

It is important if you want to use virtual assistants effectively you need to hire them for roles not tasks.  This means you have to build a team.  A good team that will work cohesively to achieve exactly what you are aiming for with your business.

To help you we will look at some of the tasks you can outsource to virtual staff over the next couple of posts and we have broken them down to 6 different roles:

GVA or General Virtual Assistant

AV Editor


Web/Seo Marketer

Web/Graphic Designer

Web Developer

It’s crucial that you understand that no individual person can handle all of these roles on their own.  In this part we will look at the GVA.

GVA Or General Virtual Assistant

Managing Schedules And Emailing

Undeniably one of the biggest drain on time is email.  It is easy to use many hours of your valuable time looking at and replying to emails.  By employing a GVA though, you can ensure that your email is handled as well as other things like calender scheduling to help you become more productive.

Organisation and File Storage Tasks

As we live in a world full of distractions it is just as important to be organised as it is productive.  A VA can help you do this by putting systems and processes in place to help your business run in a more organised fashion.

Blogging And Administrative Tasks

Obviously, a VA can help by uploading content to your blog, dealing with comments and other things like curating content as well.

Email Marketing

All the work you put in will be for nothing if you aren’t growing an email marketing list and communicating with it on a regular basis.  Although it should be from you, the email doesn’t necessarily have to be put together or scheduled by you personally.  In order to keep your audience interested and engaged, you need to make full use of a VA to handle your email marketing needs.