In the second part of our mini-series of blogs we will continue looking at some of the tasks that can outsource to virtual staff in order to free up your precious time more and build your business the way you want to.  In this post we will look at Audio/Video Editors, Content Writers and Web/SEO Marketers.

Audio And Video Editor

Although this is somewhat of a new area for virtual staff to be used in, audio and video editing is still something you should consider delegating to someone else.  By not having to edit your own videos, you can spend your time more effectively developing new content.  Not only does it take a strain off your mind, it also means that if you employ someone very skilled and professional the end results could be a lot better.

Content Writer

While it is not good to outsourse too much of your content, particularly if your brand is heavily connected to it; it is handy if you are engaged in a considerable amount of online makreting.  This is especially true if you build and promote a lot of niche websites or are working on many bigger, more important sites.  It can often pay highly to avoid creating all your written content for these sites on your own and hiring a good consistent team of virtual article and content writers.

Web And SEO Marketer

Over the past few years there have been considerable changes in the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.  Most of the techniques that worked before, do not work any more and what you use today might not work tomorrow.  The key has always been creating good quality content.  But after you have finished marketing and promoting your blog or other type of post, what happens?  That initial storm calms down.  By employing a virtual Web and SEO Marketer you can ensure your content is position and is marketed in the most optinum way to direct traffic consistently and for a long time into the future.