In the third part of our blog series looking at the tasks you can and should outsource to virtual staff.  In this article we will look at Web/Graphic Designer and Web Developer and how hiring these individuals can help improve your business.

Web And Graphic Designer

If you have no idea what you are doing, it is a massive waste of your precious time to spend hours tinkering around on Photoshop.  That doesn’t stop us from doing it.  We love giving into our needs and wants to do everything ourselves and we believe that we can do absolutely everything by ourselves, including graphic design.

Instead though, does it not make sense to pay the people who know exactly what they are doing and who can do it right the first time?  As well as the end result looking lots better and more professional, you will have more time to spend putting together your next product or working on your marketing plan.

Web Developer

Although you could spend time doing the coding and designing of your website yourself, unless you have the necessary skills and experience it will probably look a mess.  Even if you buy a decent theme, the time and effort you spend working on it will be in vain if it doesn’t look good.  Therefore, it makes complete common sense to hire a fully experienced coder to handle the creation of your sites, while you working on content plans and scheduling.

As you can see from our three part series, there are more important tasks that you can and should give to virtual assistants.  It is crucial though that you choose the right people for these jobs and don’t put too much pressure on yourself trying to do everything by yourself.